Environment Conservation

Fall of 2015 the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office was awarded the EPA Litter Management Grant through Rural Action and Ohio EPA. The Sheriff’s Office was given several high-tech cameras to covertly monitor active dump sites on public land.

Deputy Cowgill has been assigned as the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office Environmental Conservation Deputy. His tasks include: educating the public on the harms of littering, the investigation of garbage dump sites in Hocking County, surveillance of illegal dump sites, and coordination with Rural Action and township trustees to get the sites cleaned.

“My goal is to get the community involved to provide tips on active trash dumping sites. Trash dumping includes but is not limited to: mattresses furniture, tires, construction materials, and general refuse. My investigations may run onto private property, but in such situations I will work with the EPA or the Hocking County Health Department as needed. Hocking County is a beautiful place to live and work and I intend to help keep it that way. ” – Deputy Cowgill

If you need to contact Deputy Cowgill regarding a littering compliant you can call the Sheriff’s Office at 740.385.2131, or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You may also use our crime tips form.

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